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About Us

The concept for an international adoption medical clinic in the North Texas area was born in the heart and mind of pediatrician, Bruce Eckel, M.D.  This evolved through his involvement with International Adoptive Families, a support group for families involved in international adoption.  As medical consultant to two international adoption agencies, and as an adoptive parent of children from China, he saw first hand the need for specialized knowledge and expertise in the issues related to the adoption of children from other countries and institutionalized settings.  Over a period of four years through self study and additional training through the renowned Internatonal Adoption Medical Clinic at the University of Minnesota, the North Texas International Adoption Clinic became a reality in 2001.

Special Needs Adoption

Dr. Eckel and his wife have loved, adopted, and parented two special needs children for the past 24 years.  Their daughter was born missing her hand and had numerous other health issues.  Their son was burned very badly when he was an infant six months of age and has undergone 24 surgeries for amputations and reconstruction. 


Because of their personal experience, they are both passio- nate advocates for adoption of special needs children, but only if the prospective family is fully prepared to accept and deal with whatever is required to help the child reach his fullest potential.


It has been one of their greatest joys in life to watch children whom others deem as handicapped to far exceed what was expected of them and to keep reaching for the stars as they are cheered on by their loving and supportive families.

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